Grits and greens

I find myself torn between being less motivated to cook when I am home alone and refusing to eat cold cereal for supper. What I want is something that is simultaneously delicious, easier than going out again to get take out, doesn’t leave the kitchen a shambles, and can be eaten with one hand while I check email or read. The less measuring required of me, the better, so while I was inspired by this recipe on Ezra Pound Cake, I’m winging the proportions and streamlining the ingredients list. We go way back, grits and I. No need to stand on ceremony there.

I cooked these grits with half milk and half water, a not-too-stingy bit of butter, salt and smoked paprika. While the grits simmer away, I bring another small pot of water to a fierce boil and drop in my chopped broccoli rabe and a scoop of salt. Blanching the vegetables this way will help them to cook more evenly and keep the color brighter. After about 90 seconds, I drain the water, turn the heat down and return the pot of greens to the stove. I crush a couple of small cloves of garlic and stir them into the greens with a good glug of olive oil. These will stay over low heat, being stirred occasionally, while I grab a bowl and finish the grits. Bits of the greens should start to brown a little and the caramelization will bring out some of their natural sweetness. I grate some smoked gouda into the grits and stir it in. Into a bowl it goes, topped with a tangle of the greens. Smoky, gooey, melty,easy – that’s todays recipe.