A step in the right direction

After lots of chop-busting, whip-cracking and general unpleasant behavior toward the gentlemen in the construction trades on my part, we’re 5 or 6 coats of white paint in- it’s an improvement. There is a rumor that trim and doors will be added to the lower half (and as always, under my gimlet-eyed supervision) in the immediate future …..

There may end up being 5 or 6 more coats of paint, since using a primer would have been doing it

right in the first place, and that is, clearly, not how they roll here.


5 thoughts on “A step in the right direction

  1. “since using a primer would have been doing it right in the first place, and that is, clearly, not how they roll here”

    Maybe you should visit me, at least you won’t be surprised when…”

  2. Do I see an electrical outlet below the top shelf? Can they make access to it from the shelf above so that you can get some legit use out of it? Maybe a hole or rewire or SOMETHING?

    Israel watched some workers drill a hole in his office wall so they could use the outlet on the other side to provide electricity to a $30,000 newly installed machine. He put a stop to that. And got its own source
    supplied. Am I correct on that Israel?

    Our hands say who we are as well as our mouths, sometimes louder and clearer.

  3. The hole drilled through the wall was the (relatively) good option, before that they wanted to splice a wire to the free standing AC unity.

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