Take the cannoli…

Ladies and gentlemen, I had my very first cannoli today. “How is this possible?” you may ask. To which I reply, “I have no idea, but plan on making up for lost time.” Ahem…here is the photo of the bag it came in.

not even a crumb left-

Yes, yes, a photo of the bag. That’s as good as it gets, because a photo of the actual cannoli would have depended on its safe and intact arrival home where the camera is, instead of being eaten in the car within a 4 block radius of its purchase. I’m not proud of myself.  Anyway, this is a dessert that demands extensive further investigation. It has it all-nice crisp shell, tangy, creamy sweet mascarpone filling, a little subtle spice (Lemon? Maybe a hint of cinnamon somewhere?) and then the final encrustment of pistachios, sort of the high points of cheesecake without making one need a nap immediately afterward. My dearth of experience does not enable me to judge whether this was “the real thing,” or what the variations might be and I’m open to instruction. But I will find out, believe me, I will find out.