There was sort of that hot kettle screeching whistling sound in my ears when the 375° metal ring slipped down over my wrist and dangled there. I had just opened the oven and slid my  apple tart onto the silicone square potholder I was holding, not realizing that I had just missed the edges of the tart tin until the fluted ring of the tart pan slipped away from the bottom and down over my arm like a bracelet from hell.

It felt like it took me MINUTES to decide what to do- it was difficult to focus with half of my brain screaming shrilly at me that it hurthurthurthurt and the other half reasoning very calmly and reasonably that flesh would heal whereas pie would not and it had taken a lot of time and effort to bake it and would require a lot of miles of walking around in very cold weather to reassemble the ingredients in order to make another one…..

I really should have just dropped the damn pie. At the point that I realized I was going to have to turn around and walk past the refrigerator to the rolling cart on the other side of the kitchen from the oven with the hot metal ring dangling from my wrist in order to have a place to put the thing down intact, I should have just dumped it there on the floor.


But no, I sacrificed my body to save the tart. It’s a disgusting, livid second-degree burn with a blister about the size of a quarter and about a 2×2 area of reddened skin. It is shaped rather like a human heart, with the arteries running around the sides of my wrist. It looks gross. I’m keeping it covered in Neosporin and gauze which is a pain to apply to the right hand using only the left hand. Showering is difficult and involves plastic-wrapping my arm to keep the hot water off.  Most activities involving my right hand are more difficult. I probably look like I tried unsuccessfully to slit my wrist. I’m pretty sure I made the wrong decision about the tart. I do feel like a bit of an idiot.



9 thoughts on “Burn

  1. Hurt me to hear about this!!! So sorry….hopefully that arm will heal up beautifully and the only memory you will have of this situation….. is how great the Apple Tart tasted!! Take care……

  2. Stand firm on the story: You saved the tart. Of course you had to save the tart. Say it with pride. Let others draw the conclusion: You are a woman who will shed blood for a pie! As would any woman of character and virtue! You will serve as a noble example of devotion to one’s craft in these sadly fallen times!

    (Or maybe I have been reading too many nineteenth-century domestic advice manuals.)

    I think this ought to be commemorated in heroic couplets. Or at least with a Pooh hum (“did she blinch? no no; sing ho! for Christine, ho,” etc.). But heroic couplets if at all possible.

    • I couldn’t agree more. A dropped pie isn’t a story. A massive burn on the arm is a great story. You got two blog posts out of one pie. Two birds with one stone? Two blogs with one pie. Same same. No different.

      Plus, scars are pretty badass.

  3. What does the “fluted ring of the tart pan” look like?

    Maybe you can use your new heart shaped scar as the centerpiece of your first (that I know of) tattoo?

    • Israel, if you look at the photos in the apple tart post, you can see the scalloped edge of the tart with the metal ring on it in the bottom photo.

      I’ll keep the tattoo suggestion in mind 😉

  4. Taking one for the team is important, if for no other reason than you can make others feel bad while they eat your wonderful tart. Guilt is the best condiment, you know.

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