One for the road

What holiday road trip interstate food will you be eating this year? With such a plethora of food choices presented to me, how do I know what I really want to eat within the bounds of what is available at my nearest exit? Here to help us navigate through the perplexing array before us, and in handy flow-chart form, is                    “Where should I eat? Fast Food Edition

Safe travels, everyone, and happy eating!




4 thoughts on “One for the road

  1. Are you low on funds/time or a diabetic or have 5 kids in the car with you?
    Don’t stop to eat. Bring your own food. BYOF Sandwiches. carrot sticks. fruit. Ranger cookies.
    Grandma always sent us off on the road with those. Granny sent us with that but not the cookies. She always sent something though. We could eat when we wanted what we wanted or slept through the meal and ate later.
    Funny chart. No Waffle House? Glad to see Chick-fil-A.

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