Love to the power of 3

Yes, yes, a Painting of Books about Cooking.

Sort of a distillation of my “Happy Place” trifecta in handy 14×18 size.


I got home from our Thanksgiving holiday road trip with some sort of cold, sore throat, stomach-and general-achey-like funk going on, so I’ve been wallowing in bed taking medicine and drinking lots of water in hopes of preventing It from getting worse, catching up on email, perusing some blogs, generally engaging in some dazed and uncomfortable lethargy.

This painting was in a post on Design*Sponge, a really beautiful design blog I’ve followed for a while. The artist, Holly Farrell,  has a pale, cool palette and an amazing ability to exalt the mundane that is, in part, what I love about the beautiful domestic scenes by Jan Vermeer like The Milkmaid or Mother’s Duty. I love art that reminds me of the beauty and dignity of the everyday life we’re all so blessed to enjoy.



One thought on “Love to the power of 3

  1. What I really like about the Dutch paintings is the way they capture light. In Mother’s Duty the mother and child are almost lost in the play of light and architecture (which is the point, I think), and I even want to say it’s late morning. There’s such deep observation there, not to mention incredible skill.

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