Kitchen art




These watercolors make me happy.

From Lucile’s Kitchen:

Autumn Fruits


I stumbled upon this artist’s Etsy shop on Kitchenisms, and would love to have every single one of her pictures on my walls. They evoke the ever so slightly cluttered sunny serenity of a homey kitchen in which I would love to spend hours and hours.


The illustrated recipes remind me of a couple of cookbooks I loved looking through when I was little, simple but fascinating.


La Soupe au Pistou




I’ve always loved watercolors, especially if they don’t take themselves too seriously.

These are sweet, but with a wink that prevents their

sweetness from becoming saccherine


Cupcakes collection No.2

I’ve only posted a few of the many paintings and prints in the shop. Have a look around. She has some lovely stuff in there.


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